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Cathedral Gardens Water District

West Hempstead, NY 11552
Established 1928

Federal Tax ID #: 11-25519

Public Water Supply ID #: 2902859


In the 1920's a water district was established in order to provide public water to the developing Cathedral Gardens section of West Hempstead. At the time, it was decided to create  a Commissioner run district with the water supply to be provided by the neighboring Village of Garden City. Our original water district was known as the Garden City South Water District. Eventually, the water supplier for our district changed to the current West Hempstead Water District and our name was changed to the Cathedral Gardens Water District to avoid any confusion with the Village of Garden City. Today the area consists of slightly over 300 residents and commercial services.

In 2017, the Cathedral Gardens Water District continued to implement a water conservation program in order to minimize any unnecessary water use. Residents of the district can also implement their own water conservation measures such as retrofitting plumbing fixtures with flow restrictors, modifying automatic lawn sprinklers to include rain sensors, repairing leaks in the home, installing water conservation fixtures/appliances and maintaining a daily awareness of water conservation in their personal habits.

We are pleased to report that our drinking water is safe and meets all Federal and State requirements with the exception of Iron. Iron content in the water is not a health concern, but is only an aesthetic issue.

The underground water system of Long Island has more than enough water for present water demands, however, saving water will ensure that our future generations will always have a safe and abundant water supply.


Base Rates



Base Rate: $25.00 minimum

0 - 20,000: $3.20 per thousand gallons

20,001 - 40,000: $3.80 per thousand gallons

40,001 And Over: $4.40 per thousand gallons




Glenn Barnett, Chairman

Ray Rockensies, Secretary

Joe Corino, Treasurer

Willian Rockensies, Recording Secretary



The board of Cathedral Gardens Water District consists of three Commissioners and one Recording Secretary, all part time. The Commissioners are elected by the residents of the Cathedral Gardens Water District and serve for a term of three years with one Commissioner running for the election each year. Commissioners must reside within the district, and voting for Commissioners must take place within the district. The election is held on the second Tuesday in December, and is advertised in the legal notice section of the Newsday both in accordance with local town law. The Commissioners are required to be available at all times to respond to water main breaks and other emergencies if needed. The Commissioners use their own vehicles and phones for district business.

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